According to a tweet by the Seattle Seahawks, wide receiver Percy Harvin will need to undergo hip surgery. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, and is comprised of the head of the femur (hip bone) and the acetabulum, which is part of the hip that acts like a socket. Within the joint space there is cartilage that works to absorb normal shock, and the labrum surrounds the socket to help keep the femoral head in place. When the labrum is torn, as seen in Harvin’s injury, surgery is required to repair it.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Torn Labrum?

The degree of tear to the labrum can affect the amount of symptoms you may be experiencing. Some of the following may be signs you have a torn labrum:

  • Pain in the hip or groin
  • Pain with prolonged sitting
  • Occasional clicking or catching sensation

Torn Labrum Treatment Options

The labrum is a fibrous-cartilage, which means it doesn’t heal on its own once torn. When you suffer a labral tear, your physician will need to examine you to rule out any additional or severe problems. You will likely need to undergo a MR arthrogram, an MRI with an injection of dye into the hip, in order to confirm the diagnosis.  Once confirmed, and if you have failed conservative treatment including NSAIDs, physical therapy and activity modifications, tears of the labrum need to be repaired via arthroscopic hip surgery.

Hip Arthroscopy

During hip arthroscopy you will be placed under regional anesthesia with deep sedation, and carefully monitored to relieve any discomfort. The expert hip surgeon will then make a few small incisions into the joint. Through the incision, the doctor will place tiny instruments to repair the area along with a video camera that allows the doctor to visualize the joint.  This is an outpatient procedure that can last about an hour or so, depending on the extent of damage.

Recovery After Hip Surgery

Following your arthroscopic hip surgery repair of your labrum, it is normally necessary to continue with some physical therapy until the hip has fully regained its strength. The amount of time spent in physical therapy will be dependent on the extent of the original injury and your commitment to healing.

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