Knee and hip replacement procedures are known to provide much-needed relief for patients suffering from debilitating conditions like severe arthritis, but researchers have just discovered these procedures may carry even more benefits. A study done by medical researchers at The University of Toronto in Canada has revealed that both knee and hip replacement operations may lead to a reduction of various cardiovascular risks, including heart attack and stroke. This finding is obviously wonderful news for patients having to undergo a joint replacement procedure, and adds to the many benefits of having a hip replacement procedure performed at the renowned Hip Surgery Center of Excellence.

The Study

The researchers began by selecting 153 subjects that have had a replacement procedure for moderate to severe osteoarthritis and 153 subjects that have not had the surgery. These samples were then grouped by a variety of factors including age, arthritis severity, diabetes, and whether or not they smoke. The researchers monitored the subjects for seven years.

In the 7 years there were 111 instances of a severe cardiovascular event, including heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and death from cardiovascular disease. When the two main groups of subjects were compared, the group that had undergone a knee or hip replacement was found to be 40 percent less likely to have a cardiovascular event. Even patients that had present risk factors for cardiovascular disease realized a benefit from the surgery, as this grouping was 29 percent less likely.

How Replacement Procedures Help the Heart

There are several ways knee or hip replacement surgery can be beneficial to the heart and lead to a reduced risk for many cardiovascular conditions. Much of the research points to one main attribute of replacement surgery for reducing these risks. Before most patients have to undergo a knee or hip replacement procedure, they have significantly reduced function or activity levels. Conditions like osteoarthritis can affect the ability to exercise and even walk and move normally. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, one of the best prevention techniques for many cardiovascular risks is staying active and exercising. When a patient has limited mobility and is not able to keep active, they are exposed to increased cardiovascular risks.

In addition to decreasing pain, increasing mobility, and restoring use of the joints, joint replacement surgeries reduce swelling and inflammation around the joint, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Patients can commonly become depressed when hindered by severe osteoarthritis and reduced activity levels. After the replacement procedure is performed, patients are able to return  to the activities that they love, thus reducing their depression. Since depression is considered a risk factor for many cardiovascular conditions, joint replacement surgery provides yet another heart-healthy benefit.

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