If you experience pain and stiffness in your hip or a catching sensation in the hip joint, you may be suffering from a labral tear. While a torn labrum may only produce slight irritation at first, continued wear and tear on the hip joint intensifies symptoms and can become a debilitating condition.

After ignoring chronic hip pain for some time, Lady Gaga recently announced that she will undergo hip surgery for a torn labrum. Gaga felt that her hip pain was becoming worse with each day on tour. The remaining 21 performances of her tour have been canceled while Gaga recovers from hip surgery to resolve her labral tear.

An advanced minimally invasive procedure, known as hip arthroscopy, can be used to resolve labral tears and get you back to your daily activities pain free. The orthopedic surgeons at the Hip Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills are renowned experts in arthroscopic surgery and routinely perform hip arthroscopy to treat labral tears and other sources of chronic hip pain.

What Is a Labral Tear?

The labrum is a ring of soft, elastic tissue that surrounds the hip joint. By deepening the hip joint socket, the labrum provides additional support for the hip and prevents dislocation of the upper thighbone from the hip socket. It is also the connection point for various ligaments that provide stability and mobility to the hip.

Labral tears are primarily caused by femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), a condition in which the bones of the hip develop abnormally and do not fit properly within the joint. This improper fit leads to the formation of bone spurs around the femoral head and acetabulum (hip socket). Overtime, bone spurs can accelerate wear and tear on the labrum, making it more susceptible to tearing.

Labral tears may also be caused by acute traumatic injuries sustained during contact sports, including dislocation of the hip. In some cases, repetitive twisting or pivoting motions can aggravate the labrum to the point of tearing.

How Hip Arthroscopy Can Help

Hip arthroscopy is a safe and highly effective outpatient procedure for the treatment of labral tears. While conservative therapies such as anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy can provide short-term relief, hip arthroscopy resolves your chronic hip pain at the source. The tremendous benefits for patients who undergo arthroscopic surgery instead of traditional open surgery include smaller incisions, accelerated recovery, and a lower risk of complications.

Arthroscopic surgery involves the use of high tech surgical instruments that can be inserted through very small incisions into the hip joint. Throughout the procedure, a camera-equipped device, called an arthroscope, transmits live video feed from inside the hip joint to a monitor display in the operating suite. Scar tissue and inflammatory debris is first removed from the joint to reduce further irritation and promote healing of the remaining healthy tissue. Once the tear has been located, the labrum is meticulously repaired to restore stability to the joint.

As an outpatient procedure, patients undergoing hip arthroscopy can return home within several hours of surgery. By reducing incision size, more of the hip joint is preserved and patients experience less discomfort compared with traditional open surgery. A physical rehabilitation program is often necessary to restore stability and range-of-motion to the hip, as well as to improve the overall recovery process.

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