A hip fracture is a serious injury that involves a break in the upper quarter of the femur (thigh bone). It can result in significant pain over the outer upper thigh or in the groin, particularly when the hip is flexed or rotated. Hip pain and fractures most commonly occur in individuals over 65 years of age, whose bones may be weakened by degenerative conditions. Additional information can be found from the hip fracture article on MayoClinic.org.

Younger, more active individuals are susceptible to a specific type of hip fracture called femoral neck stress fracture. Repetitive impact to the lower extremities, such as distance running, can produce small hairline fractures in the section of bone that connects the ball of the hip joint with the main shaft of the thighbone. With continued strenuous activity, a stress fracture may become larger or even displaced, resulting in pain and swelling around the hip. Usually, the best form of treatment is hip surgery followed by physical therapy.

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Surgery To Repair a Hip Fracture

Fractures can occur from falls, direct blows to the side of the hip, or medical conditions like osteoporosis and cancer. Based on the diagnosis, your orthopedic surgeon will determine the type of surgery required. Most of the time, they are diagnosed through X-rays of the hip and femur; however, there are some instances in which fractures are incomplete. These cases might require an MRI to show the hidden bone fracture.

Broken Bone Hip Operation Los AngelesPrior to surgery, patients will receive a form of anesthesia. If the fracture is located in the neck of the femur, a hip pinning procedure may be performed. The surgeon will then make a small incision on the side of the thigh and insert screws to hold the bones in correct place. If the fracture is below the neck of the femur, the surgeon will use a metal plate and compression screws to make the repair. The orthopedic surgeon will use an X-ray machine to see how well the parts of the hip bone line up.

Recovery from Hip Surgery

A full recovery from invasive hip surgery can take anywhere from 3 months to a year. Patients usually stay in the hospital for three to five days after surgery. Patients are encouraged to walk using crutches or a walker as soon as possible. They can go home when they can move around safely without help. The surgeon will prescribe pain medications and antibiotics to prevent infection. A special compression stocking can be worn to improve blood flow through the legs and reduce risk of blood clots.

Hip Fracture Surgery FAQ’s

Q: How soon after a hip fracture do I need surgery?

Surgery is done as soon as possible after a full diagnosis, sometimes within 24 hours. Having surgery right away may decrease pain and complications.

Q: Will I need to stay in a rehabilitation center after hip fracture surgery?

For some patients, it may be necessary to a stay in a rehabilitation facility until they regain their ability to walk.

Q: Are there medications I can take to prevent another hip fracture?

Yes, if your fracture was caused by osteoporosis, your doctor may prescribe medications to prevent another fracture.

Q: Does diet have anything to do with hip fractures?

Yes, eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D will help to build strong and healthy bones, improve muscle strength, and reduce the chances of hip pain and fractures.

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