The idea of giving back to the medical community is a very appealing one to the staff at the Hip Surgery Center of Excellence. We take such great pride in providing high quality medical service to our patients that we want to share our techniques with the rest of the world. The ideal way for us to achieve that goal is through a non-profit organization known as Arthroscopy Worldwide.

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What Is Arthroscopy Worldwide?

Arthroscopy Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 by one of our orthopedic surgeons, Steven W. Meier, MD. The purpose of our organization is to encourage the usage of and disseminate the proper techniques for advanced-level arthroscopic surgery throughout the world, especially in developing regions of South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Arthroscopy Worldwide Locations LAWith an ever-changing group of volunteer surgeons and practitioners, Dr. Meier regularly travels the globe with the purpose of sharing his state-of-the-art, minimally invasive surgical techniques to doctors in emerging societies. These surgeons also trained for a regular load of advanced arthroscopy procedures. Dr. Meier even helps surgical programs prioritize which essential equipment to purchase first.

Arrangements are made to train interested physicians at their local hospitals, as long as the basic infrastructure required to carry out these procedures is provided. Because arthroscopic surgery depends on both equipment as well as technique, these hospitals must commit to obtaining and maintaining the necessary equipment. If this is an obstacle, our organization makes every effort to make sure they overcome and any other obstacles in the way. This is possible due to generous donations from surgical companies like DePuy Mitek and Arthrotek.

Arthroscopy Worldwide also offers translation services (for instruction manuals) from another regular volunteer, Francesca Mercado, a surgical technician from New Jersey, who is multilingual.

Contribute to Our Efforts

Arthroscopy Worldwide has given a lot back to Dr. Meier, who has thoroughly enjoyed his time working with charity. If you want to help out too, Arthroscopy Worldwide needs it! If it’s time or money, please give something to help those less fortunate and unable to receive such high quality medical care.

To find out how you can help, contact us today at  (888) 760-3378.

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